Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday 2/3/17

Periods 1,3,5: Finish graphing the functions from Wednesdays homework.  Due next Monday.  There are 4 assignments this week, 16 total points possible for the first homework set.

Period 6: Take four of the constants from the pages below.  Write them out in standard notation, and give a short explanation of what they are.  See attached files, with Plancks' Constant worked out for you.

Handout to Fill In

An example:
Quantity:    Earth Mass   Symbol / Equation:  M    

Value (Scientific Notation): 5.9726(7) x 1024 kg

Value (Standard Notation):

The mass of the Earth, how much matter the Earth takes up in kilograms, or if you balanced an Earth on a scale, how many kilograms would balance with it.

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