Monday, April 14, 2014

Friday 4/11

Period 7: We started a little packet on perimeter.  Do up to question #3 (The cost question)

Notes 8.8 Algebra

And the three problems that go with it

1) If a rock is dropped off a bridge that is 36 feet above a river, how long will it take for the rock
to hit the water?

2) A tennis player hits a ball 1 foot above the
ground with an initial velocity of 20
feet per second. How long will it
take to hit the ground?

3) You throw a water balloon up off a building 200
feet in the air with initial velocity of 10 ft/s. How
high off the ground is it after:  2 seconds?
3 seconds?
4 seconds?
What does that last one mean?

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