Friday, September 28, 2012


Homework for period 2,4: Finish the adding, subtracting, multiplying page (E-64).  If you finished it and turned it in I gave you a stamp in your planner on TODAY.

Period 1,3,5,7: Rewrite the following four equations 3 different ways, using a different operation every time.

2x - 3 = 4
4x + 3 = 23
3x = 12
5x - 9 = 1


Anonymous said...

Can you show an example of what has to be done for the Adv. Algebra homework. Thank you.

Mr. Brzenski said...

So for 3x=12
You could divide everything by 4, changing the equation to
3/4x=3. Where x still equals four.
Or you could add seven to the original equation, making it

3x+7=19, and x still equals four.

Do whatever you want to the equation. Rewrite the equation, and tell me what operation you did to get your new equation. Do three examples for each one, and do not reuse the same operation over and over.