Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 10/16/09

Homework for periods 3,4,6
Finish the 8 equations that were on the board. Show the steps and tell me the answers.

Homework for periods 2,7
Find alternate forms of the formulae.

For Trapezoid: A=½(b1 + b2) x H

If you distribute the ½ and the H to the parenthesis, the equation becomes

A = ½b1H + ½b2H

Then, solving for b1, you subtract ½b2H from each side to get:

A - ½b2H = ½b1H

To get rid of the ½, mulitply both sides by 2 to get

2(a - ½b2H) = b1H

divide both sides by H to get:

2(a - ½b2H)/H = b1

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