Monday, September 22, 2008

Mondays Homework is a little confusing

OK, so almost everyone has a different homework assignment.

Period 1
Bring the MATH COMPANION book

Period 2,3
Bring the MATH COMPANION nook
Finish the multiplication/Division Worksheet

Period 4,6
Finish Subtraction Worksheet

Period 7
Finish multiplication/Division Worksheet

PLEASE remember to show up before the bell rings, and have all your work out and ready to go. I have had many talks with students about these first two rules of the classroom. They are the most important, and I urge you to follow them

1) Be in your seat working when the bell rings
2) Get ready for the warm-up and wok on it quietly

I have two new puzzles in the room, stop by my desk to check them out.

Mr. B.

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