Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday 10/29/10

Homework for periods 2-7: Finish the pumpkin graph. Many of you finished in class and if you did I already stamped you. Everyone else bring your work back Monday with your tracking sheet and I will stamp it then.

Thursday 10/28/10

Hoemwork for period 4,5: Finish the matching conjunctions and disjunctions

Period 6,7: Finish pythagorean thoerem worksheet

Period 1: Finish pythagorean worksheet a,b, and c

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday 10/27/10

Homework for period 6,7: Finish 1 level of Learning Upgrade

Period 1: Finish worksheet on positive and negative numbers

Period 3: Finish page 195, conjunctions and disjunctions.

Tuesday 10/26/10

Homework for period 1: Finish 1 level of learning upgrade

Period 3: Finish adding integers page

Period 4: Finish combining like terms (Page 22 worksheet)

Period 5: Finish social survey on the link from a couple posts ago. Scroll down the page to find the link. Be sure you do this by Thursday so I can stamp your page.

Monday 10/25/10

Homework for period 1,6,7: Finish matching inequalities

Period 3,5: Page 154 #4-11

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Social Survey for All Periods

Social Survey LINK

Click on the link above to do the survey. Be sure you spell everyones name correctly

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday 10/20/10

Homework for all periods: Finish the page of matching inequalities, page 118 "What is the first thing you should do to become a mattress maker?"

Tuesday 10/19/10

Homework for periods 6,7: There was no homework. We worked on computers

Period 3: Finish inequality graphs from today PLUS 4 problems from the back, which said Inequality Quiz

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday 10/15/10

Homework for Period 3,4,5: Finish single step inequalities page

Period 6,7: Finish single step inequalities page

If you need a copy, please CLICK HERE!

This goes for Algebra readiness, if you need a copy of the assignment, please CLICK HERE!

Thursday 10/14/10

Homework for periods 4,5: Page 86 #3-10 in your book

Period 6,7: Finish search and shade activity 1

Period 1: Finish graphing single step inequalities page

Sorry for being late.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday 10/13/10

Homework for periods 6,7: Finish page 6, combining like terms.

Period 1: Activity 1 search and shade

Period 3: Page 86 in the book, #3-10. Remember to write the question and put the answer.

Tuesday 10/12/10

Homework for period 1: Finish combining like terms page (Page 6)

Periods 3,4,5: 1-20 on combining like terms worksheet

Friday, October 8, 2010

Social Network Survey

Social Survey
If you want a jump on the social network scene. We will generate a map of the school (8th grade at least). It will kinda look like this

Friday 10/8/10

Homework for period 3,4,5: Finish the practice test. The warm-up will have some of the problems from it on there, but make sure you ask questions. The test will be on TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY depending on what day you have me. I will not be there Monday. Sorry.

Period 1,6,7: Finish the 30 equations. Many of you finished them in class. Bring it back and we will take the test on Tuesday or Wednesday, as I will not be there on Monday. Sorry for the confusion.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday 10/6/10

Homework for periods 6,7: Finish subtraction worksheet (1 side)

Period 1: Finish solving the equations you started today

Period 3: Finish the comic you started in class today, or the explanation

Tuesday 10/5/10

Homework for period 1: Finish 1 side of the subtraction worksheet

Periods 3,4: Finish the 5 fraction equations that were on the board:
1) x/7 + 1 = 2/7
2) x/3 + 5/3 = -6/3
3) 2x/9 = 4
4) x/8 + 2 = 5/8
5) x/4 + 2/4 = 10
6) -3x/2 + 6 = -6/2

Period 5: Finish the comic or explanation to turn in Thursday

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday 10/4/10

Homework for periods 1,6,7: Finish h22 single step multiplication and addition problems

Period 3,4: Finish 7 fraction problems from the board

Period 5: Finish 5 decimal equations from the board.

Fridays Equation

Homework for Period 3,4,5: Finish 7 problems from the board

Period 6,7: Finish up to level 2 on

Friday, October 1, 2010

Arithmetic Game

Click to go to the Arithmetic Game. Pick any operation, try to beat my HIGH SCORE on page 1 of the high scores. Its actually 3rd place now, maybe if I have more free time I will reclaim number 1.