Friday, October 31, 2008


There is no homework today for any of the classes.

The grades are updated to show the last few days of classwork. If you noticed that Extra Credit lately has not been helping you, I fixed the glitch in the grading program. Most peoples grades went up by a few points, some may even have risen a whole grade.

Have a safe weekend!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

For tomorrow, HALLOWEEN

Please remember you still need a pencil, paper, and your homework and tracking sheet. Don't come to school unprepared.

Thursday 10/30/08

For periods 4,5,6

C-18, the Igor handout. If you need a copy, click HERE

Period 1.

No homework Today

I found the Font button

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday 10/28

For Periods 1,2,3
Homework is page 134
#2-7 nd 25-30

For the first part, you are just LISTING FACTORS. The second part of the homework is when you do the factor trees to get the PRIME FACTORIZATION

For Period 4
Homework is page 183

Decide if the number is prime or composite. If it is prime, just write "PRIME" and go on to the next one. If it is composite, write "COMPOSITE" and then do a factor tree to find the prime factorization.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday 10/27/08

Homework for Periods 1,2,3
Page 109

Periods ,6,7
Page 562
#1-10, and #16-30

Friday 10/24/08

Homework for Period 1,2,3
Page 416
#13 - 28

For Period 4,6,7
Page 710

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday 10/23/08

For Periods 4, 6, 7, No homework today because of the benchmark testing.

For period 1,
Homework is Page 416
It is just review problems

There will be a test on equations on Friday, so do not be surprised.
For periods 1,2,3, it will be on 2 step equations.

For periods 4,6,7, it will be on 1 step equations.

There will not be any inequalities on any of the tests.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday 10/22/08

Today there was no homework for periods 1,2,3, because of the benchmark testing.

For periods 6,7 it was the box-and-whisker worksheet.

If you are absent from periods 6,7, do the homework listed yesterday, as make-up for missing the worksheet.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Periods 1,2,3
For today, you have page 29 to do. Remember to show all of your work. If you do not show your work, I will not stamp your tracking sheet

Periods 4,5,6
Your homework was 12-2 review, but, since you can't do that online, if you are making up work, you can do homework out of the book
Page 616 #1-7

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday 10/20/08


For Periods 1,2,3
You have the fifteen problems from the overhead. If you lost them, click HERE to get them.

For Periods 4,5,6
You have page E-39 about mean, median, and mode

Thursday 10/16/08

For thursday homework

Period 1,2,3
Page 337
#32-36 and #38-39

These are review, some are graphing, and some are just review problems

For periods 4,6,7
Page 106
25-27, and #35-40

They are all solving simple inequalities.

Wednesday 10/15/08

Sorry this is late.

For periods 1,2,3
Page 332, #2-11

For numbers 8-11, you are supposed to give 2 inequalities, not just one.

For periods 4,6,7
Page 102

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday 10/14/08

For Periods 1,2,3

Homework is page 332
#2-7, and #8-11

For #2-7
Write 1 inequality for each problem
Example: #2 asks if k is a negative number. All negative numbers are less than zero, so the inequality would be k<0

For #8-11
For these problems, write me two inequalities.

For Periods 4,6,7
On Page 102, #1, and #17-24

Please write the question and the answer. Some questions you graph the answer, other questions you write the inequality that goes with the graph.

Monday, October 13, 2008


If you did not turn in your Homework Tracking Sheet, please turn it in tomorrow, or Wednesday. This will be the last thing counted on your 6 week report. If you have any other missing assignments, please turn them in by Wednesday for credit.

For all classes, homework was the review page "Why is Life like a shower".

Friday, October 10, 2008


Today, for periods 1,2,3
Page 98, do #2-7, and #12-17

All of the problems are equations with multiplication and division

For periods 4,6,7
Page 91, do #15-30, and #35 and #36

For #35 and #36, remember that abolute value makes whatevers inside positive.
|-3| = 3
|3| = 3

There are TWO answers for each of those problems, not just one.

Tracking Sheet #5 will be the last grade on the 6 week progress report, so make sure I have all your missing work by next week, or all those missing grades turn into zeros.

Have a good weekend.


SoRry, I was sick, and had to take care of my son.

The homework for Periods 1-3 was page 89 2-7, page 93 2-11

For periods 4-7
Homework was solving Equations. If you need it, click the link below.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today Periods 1,2,3 have to sovle the equations on Page 89 #2-7, and Page 93 #2-11

Remember that I am checking to see that you are using the right properties on the problems

For Period 4
You have the 40 integer problems. It shouldn't take too long, because they are all just adding and subtracting.

Monday, October 6, 2008


For all classes, we are doing the "Mr and Mrs Number" worksheet. You are rewriting the sentences as expressions (algebra)

For section 2, A = Age of Zog.
Age of Zog in 9 years = A + 9

Age of Zog two years ago = A - 2

For section 3
Width = W
Length = W + 7

2 times the length = 2(W + 7)

2 times the width = 2W

For section 4
Price of CD = P
price of tape = P - 5

Price of 5 tapes = 5(P-5)

Price of 2 tapes and a cd = 2(P-5) + P

Friday, October 3, 2008


For Periods 1,2,3
Homework is the 15 problems I gave you in class to finish. If you need a copy, click HERE

for Periods 4,5,6
finish the "Hawaiian Baritone" page.

Remember, when there is a '-' sign, switch it to a positive

8x - (-8x) = 8x + (+8x)

-2x - 10x = -2x + (-10x)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Notebook Quiz on Friday


Be sure you bring all your note and warm-ups so you can do well on the quiz.

The Grades

For period 1, 4, 6.

Your grades might be lower than you expect because you have

Please make sure you turn in what you have. As there are very few grades, every little bit counts. Do not worry too much though, it will even itself out after a week or two.

Don't freak out about an F. Wait a week and see what you have.

Mr. B

I think I fixed it

Sorry about the last few days. For some reason, whenever I put messages up, it would say "error" or put up gibberish.

Yesterdays homework:

Periods 1,2,3
Page 384
#3 and #4

Periods 4,5,6
Page 67
#18 - 31
for #21, 23, you have to look on page 65

The grades will be updated TODAY on the side. If you havent turned in a tracking sheet, it will show a '0' for your score. Please turn it in, as these drastically effect your grade.