Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

No homework for any class. Next week we go over final things before the math CST. Be sure you turn in anything missing to get and accurate grade from your progress report.

Tuesday 4/27/10

Homework for period 2, 7: Finish the second radical worksheet. Something with elephants.

Periods 1,3,4,6: No homework this week.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday 4/26/10

Homework: For periods 2,7: finish the square root worksheet, page 204

Period 1,3,4,6: No homework. Study for CST

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday 4/21/10

Homework for period 2,7: Study the study guide and be ready for the quiz on Friday (I will not be here tomorrow, Thursday)

Period 4,6,1: NO HOMEWORK. Bring any old assignments in that have not been graded so I can put them in.

Tuesday 4/20/10

Homework for period 7: Finish page 402 #24-34

Period 6: Finish packet (if you did not finish in class)

Period 1,2,3, No homework for today

Monday 4/19/10

Homework: there was no homework for periods 1, 3, 4

Period 2: Finish page 402, #24-34. Solving with the quadratic formula

Friday, April 16, 2010

Japanese Math Game

Japanese math Game

The first box is how many digits the number is

The second box is how many seconds the number is displayed for

The third box is how many numbers you are adding

Friday 4/16/10

Homework for Period 2,7: Finish the 4 problems on the board using the quadratic formula. If you need more examples, look at page 400 in your book (maybe page 401).

Period 3,4,6: No homework today, you finished in class.

Thursday 4/16/10

Homework for period 4,6: Finish backside of three point worksheet.

Period 7: look at yesterdays post

Period 1: No homework, we finished everything in class. Be sure to bring your CST Help Sheet to class Monday. If you need another copy, find the link on the right and print your own.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday 4/16/10

Homework for period 6: Finish page 20

Period 7: Finish 5 problems on board

Period 1,3: Finish backside of worksheet from class, solving equations. 3 points

Period 2: Page 401, #1,2,5,7,9,10,12,24. Show your work. The answers for most are in the back of the book, but you still have to show your work on factoring to get credit. Answers with no work gets no points.

Tuesday 4/15/10

Homework for period 1,3,4: Finish page 20. We did 1 side in class, you had to finish the other side for homework

Homework for period 2: Finish the 5 problems that were on the board, solving multistep quadratics.

Monday 4/12/10

Homework for periods 1,3,4,6: No homework. we finished in class

Period 2,7: Page 397 #21-32

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday 4/8/10

Homework for period 4,6: Finish pythagorean worksheet.

Period 7: Finish both sides of the worksheet you recieved.

Period 1: No homework, you finished it in class.

REMEMBER: Notebook quiz tomorrow from sections 9.0 - 9.91

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 4/7/10

Homework for periods 1,3: finish the Pythagorean worksheet (1 side)

Period 2: Finish the entire factoring worksheet (both sides) page 90, 89

Period 6: Finish worksheet about pyhtagorean triples. if you need a copy, look at yesterdays link.

period 7: page 383 #5-10

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

$1,000,000 for doing math

There are 7 problems (now 6) that if you prove the answer to, you win a million dollars. You probably get more, but you are garaunteed a million. Here is the story of a guy who proved this theory 6 years ago. It was so complicated, it took this long for other people to prove it correct.

Now, go solve the rest of em.